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Забронировать тур - Забронировать тур

How to book a tour


It very easy to book a tour to Kamchatka at our company. Your basic task is to make up your mind about what kind of travel program you would like.

You may choose one of our ready-made tours or make an enquiry to us to prepare a tailor-made travel program for you.

Then just follow the plan:


  1. You wright an e-mail to us in no particular form at: ftkam@mail.ru. You may also just call us: +7-929-456-89-63   or   +7-924-891-24-79 (or get connected to us via Whatsapp).

  2. We get connected with you to discuss the details.

  3. We prepare a detailed program and send it to your e-mail.

  4. If everything suits you we send to you an agreement with the detailed program and the invoice for payment.

  5. You sign the agreement and send a scan-copy to our e-mail.

  6. From this moment the tour is booked.

  7. You pay 30% of the cost of the tour within 5 working days after we send the invoice to you.

  8. You pay the rest of the price no less than 15 days before the tour start.

  9. On the day of your arrival in Kamchatka you get the original agreements.



The complete price-list of our tours you find here.           





If you have any questions contact us by phones or via Whatsapp: +7-924-891-24-79;   +7-929-456-98-63,

or e-mail us to: ftkam@mail.ru

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